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In 1845 AD the “Gondwana Kingdom” included in British rule the then Capital Kolkata of India by the action of Lord Dalhousie on abolition of “Practice of Adoption” and was named as “Baraghat” against the name proposed “Barahaghat” and officially spoken as “Balaghat” spelt ‘l’ as ‘r’.  The hilly areas mostly known as Kanjaighat, Saletekrighat, Baisanghat, Dongrighat, Ramramaghat, Teepagharghat, Kavharghat, Dongriyaghat were covered under this region.  “Balaghat” district was formed along with some parts of the Central Provinces of Bhandara, Seoni, and Mandla Districts as was part of Central Province of Nagpur which was Capital for British with two tahsils “Balaghat” and “Baihar”. The name “Balaghat” was originated because of the more hilly regions in this district. The regions of “Balaghat” district were the concern of Maratha rulers before British. The word “Bala” means “Best” in Marathi Language. The name “Balaghat” was called because the people are “Best People”(Balao) as “Balao ka ghat”