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Hatta Bawli

Hatta ki Bawli

This Bawli has been constructed in the ancient Fort of Hatta Village. After the Haiyya Vansi kings, Gond Raja Hatte Singh Valke had constructed this Bawdi. It is believed that the name of this village has been named Hatta because of the king valke. In the summer days, King Hatte Singh built this banyan for the hiding of soldiers, drinking water, bath and rest during summer. After the Gond period, it has been used in the Maratha rulers and Bhosale empire. For this reason, the artwork of Maratha Ruler and Bhosale empire is seen in Bawli.

It is believed that there is a tunnel inside this Bawli, which connects the Fort of Lonji and the Fort of Mandala. However, information about its closure is known At present, this Bawli is preserved by the archaeological department and kept under its control.

Hatta Ki Bawli

This Bawli was constructed in the 17th-18th century. During this time, large rocks were cut and decorated.. The pillars was installed. This Bawli is two-storey. On the first floor, 10 columns and 8 pillars based on the verandas and chambers have been constructed. Two quadrilateral Shiva Ambika statues have been carved at the entrance gate of Bawli.

This Bawli has been declared a protected monument by Archeology Department. Shashan has also imposed a fine for damages to this monument. The government had taken this land in its possession in the year 1987. Earlier it was under the landlord of Bawli Hatta.Subsequently handed over to the Department of Archeology.So far it is under the Department of Archeology.