Central Public Sector Unit

Following are the Central Public Sector Units working in Balaghat district:-

    • Email: mmbg[at]nic[dot]in
    • Tel: 07632 245185
    • Website:
    • Public welfare works:
      • Facility of colony, school, water, electricity and bus etc.:- MOIL Limited provides living arrangements, school bus and school arrangements, bus facility, ambulance facility, water, electricity facility, paved roads and playgrounds in the residential colonies. Facilities like garden etc. are provided in every residential colony.
      • Special facilities are provided to Panchayats and adopted villages close to the MOIL area. Such as:- Facilities like roads, schools, Anganwadi, drinking water facility, electricity etc. are provided.
      • Vehicle and laptop facility:- Vehicle loan facility is provided to resident workers and laptop loan facility is provided for children’s education.
        Tree Plantation:- Tree plantation is done to prevent air pollution around the manganese mining area. Arrangements for water sprinkling have been made in the work areas and residential colonies. Housing has been provided by constructing new buildings in the work areas and residential colonies.
      • Grants for buildings, roads and drains:- Latest machines are used in the field of work and new technology is used to bring quality in the work by constructing newly constructed buildings. 1 percent of the company’s gross profit is spent for the inauguration of buildings, construction of roads, drains and schemes to be implemented at the district level.
      • B.Sc. Free nursing training:- Every year 100 girls get B.Sc. Selection is made for Nursing and B.Sc. They are sent for training to Nursing College, Hyderabad, in which they are provided free facilities of accommodation, food, dress and books. The above course is provided free of cost.
      • C.B.W.E. And skill development training:- Under this training program, C.B.W.E. Workers are trained by. Under the Pradhan Mantri Skill Development Scheme, 12 days training is provided every year at different times for three days each. In which workers are trained for a good living and to work in new technology and the art of maximum production while remaining safe.
      • To stop absenteeism by showing street plays etc.:- New examples and rules are given to stop absenteeism. From time to time, through street plays, awareness is brought among the workers that they should live a good life, give good education to their children so that their family life remains happy. Workers of each department are trained from time to time in the work of their department.
      • D.G.M.S. Trade Test Competition by:- Security Department by D.G.M.S. Workers of various departments like electrician, mechanical, fitter, turner, welder, blaster, hospital staff, first aid group etc. are trained and given remuneration on the basis of calculation. Under the rigorous training process, residential training facility is provided, in which the senior staff of engineers are trained so that they can train the workers working under them.
        Compassionate Appointments:- Compassionate appointment is provided by MOIL Limited Company to one person from the family of the deceased worker in lieu of him.
      • Promotion facility:- Officers are promoted every three years. Employees are promoted every 10 years. P.R. Workers are also promoted every 10 years and time bond promotion is given to educated workers every year.
      • Canteen Facility:- Under the canteen facility, tea, snacks and snacks are provided to the workers by delivering them to their workplace.
      • Rest House Facility:- Boarding facilities are provided to the officers, guests and government guests coming from various departments.
      • Arrangement of rest/shade at the work place:- By making shed/R.C.C. shed at the work place being done by the workers. By constructing buildings, rest/shade, pure air, drinking water are provided and separate toilet facilities are provided for men and women.
      • Facility of ventilated environment at the workplace and vehicle parking arrangement:- Ventilated environment is maintained at the workplace and parking arrangement is provided for the vehicles of the workers.
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