Balaghat – Amidst Hills and Valleys

Surrounded by the green cover of nature and basking in the glory of its illustrious past, Balaghat lures you with manifold charms. From serene and picturesque surroundings to age-old monuments and colorful tribal culture, every aspect adds to its distinct appeal. Situated amid the Satpura hill ranges, with the river Wainganga flowing by, the city is aptly named Balaghat, which means ‘a city above the ghats’. Endowed with rich stores of natural resources like manganese and copper, it is also home to one of the most prominent mining units in Madhya Pradesh.

About the City:

Balaghat is a delightful destination for any traveler. The Kanha National Park near the city is one of its major tourism highlights. Located in the Satpura ranges, Kanha is a natural haven. Safaris around the enormous park allow you glimpses of several wild animals in their natural habitat, including the endangered deer species; the barasingha. Some of the other sites of natural beauty in Balaghat include the Nahlesara dam, Dhuti dam, and the Ganulpara waterfalls. With their serene surroundings and picturesque sights, these are ideal locations for excursions in the company of nature.

Balaghat also boasts of a noteworthy historical background, which has left significant marks on the city. The Lanji Fort is one of the most important historical sites in the city. Built during the Gond dynasty, the fort houses an ancient temple adorned with sculptures of different deities such as Mahadev, Lanjikadevi, and Mahamaya, among others. The Rampaily temple is near Balaghat, and is a site renowned for its religious as well as historical significance.

Traditional bamboo artifacts, a specialty of Balaghat can be bought in the local markets. To get a glimpse of the tribal culture, visit during the local festivals when the traditional dances like Phag, Mandri, and Lota are performed.

Moving Around Balaghat:

Balaghat has a well-connected network of local transport services. City buses can be boarded from specific points in the city and are a cost-effective way of moving around. Auto-rickshaws and taxis can be hired directly from the streets. Pre-paid or rental car services are also comfortable means of traveling within Balaghat.